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Okay, SO! I was doing this in the middle of the night and I was up all day and tired so I don't have pics of everything.

perogies (pyrohy)

5cups flour
2tbsps oil
1 egg yolk
2cups lukewarm water
1 teaspon salt

Measure the flour into a deep bowl and make a well.
In a seperate bowl combine the water, salt , egg yolk,
and oil, blend well, then add to the flour.  ( I use the kitchen aid
machine)  on low to knead the dough slowly 10-15 mins.
Put the dough ( divided in half) into slightly floured bowls and cover.  Let
dough rest for 20 mins.
Roll out on floured board.  Cut rounds with a cookie cutter or glass
cup.(2-2 1/2 inces across)
Fold over formin a half circle and pinch the edges togetheer with the
fingers to seal in the filling.
Place on a clean towel a don't let them touch.  Place in boiling water.  Do
not cook to many at a time.  Stir very gently with a wooden spoon to prevent
them from sticking to the bottom.  When cooked they will float to the top
about 10 mins.
Remove with drainer, drain well, put into deep bowl, sprinkle with oil or
butter and toss to distribute. (prevents sticking).
ps while making the perogies cover with tea towel to prevent from drying

Filling for perogies

Boil potatoes...mash well.  While hot add chez whiz or cheddar...mash very
well to blend in the cheese.
Cool well before making perogy.  When cool make your dough.  good luck.
The amount of cheese is to your liking.

Cheese Wiz and Mashed Potatoes! aka filling ( I like eating this alone ... lazy perogies)

Shredded Cheddar Cheezeee and Potatoes! aka other filling

Letting the Dough sit for 20 minutes under a towel so it doesn't dry out.

Dough!!! Perfecto

Gunna roll this bitch out!

About 1/2 a CM

About 2-1/2 inches across

Pinched and ready to boil or freeze!
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