floridagrrl24 (floridagrrl24) wrote in eat_my_food,

So I finally backlogged through the communities entries and found this! Thought I'd take it...

Food Survey

1. What’s your name? Heather

2. How old are you? 24

3. What is your most favorite dish? Why? I don't remember the name of it, but its a pizza from Rachel Ray's thirty minute meal books. I really like it because its soooo yum-o!

4. What is your least favorite dish? Why? Hmm ... Chili .. I hate the beans

5. Favorite sweet? Why? Chocolate - it makes me feel good

6. Favorite pastry? Why? Oh I don't know, there are so many delicious ones!

7. Favorite meat? Why? Chicken ... cause it tastes so good and is always so juicy

8. Favorite veggie? Why? >.>; I dun like 'em

9. Favorite fruit? Why? Apples - they are delicious! So juicy! I love Macontosh Apples(spelling?)

10. Favorite cheese? Why? I dunno... Pepper jack

11. Least favorite sweet? Why? Good question...

12. Least favorite pastry? Why? I dont know

13. Least favorite meat? Why? Fish - I dont like how it tastes...

14. Least favorite veggie? Why? Most cause they just taste bad or have a horrible texture

15. Least favorite fruit? Why? Pear, the texture is not that great

16. Least favorite cheese? Why? Oh I dont know...

17. Do you like spicey foods (I mean are you a pussy)? Why or why not? HECK YES! The hotter the better! When I was 1 my mom left a banana pepper on the table, I picked it up and started sucking on it and chewing it, even though I was crying my eyes out I wouldn't let her take it away from me, or so she says.

18. What is your favorite dish or meal to cook? So far all the dishes Ive fixed from Rachel Rays cookbook..

19. Favorite “gross” thing to eat? Ya know, things that make your friends go “ewwww”, but you can’t get enough of? Uh ... hmm ... a lot of my friends found this gross, but PB/J/Mayo :o oh wait that was a dare and I didnt really enjoy it um .... PB/Mayo thats all

20. What is the grossest/weird thing you’ve ever eaten out of desperation? See above

21. Favorite drink? For all you lushes out there! And why, of course! O.o sex on the beach, that counts right?

22. Least favorite drink? Why? Coffee, ick the after taste is just awful, though it smells great.

23. Favorite fast food? Don’t lie to me and say you don’t like any fast food, I know it’s bullshit. Everyone likes something, even if it’s those nasty Apple Pies from McDonald’s! Oh lesse... I like Wendys

24. What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever put in your mouth? An Onion

25. Favorite restaurant ever? Gimme an addy, I might go there one day! Name up to 3 if you can’t decide. Oh lemme see... I really like Gators and uh...Elbow South down on Oviedo Market Place

26. So zombies become real and food is scarce and the old are, well, dying and useless and in the way. Would you revert to cannibalism? no thanks

27. Have you ever been or are a vegetarian? Why? Eww gosh no, meat is here for a reason

28. If you’re not anymore, AREN’T YOU HAPPIER! I luffle my chicken n turkey

29. I bet you’re a little fatter though. Tell me if you are. Been fat, happy, no desire to change

30. Tell me about your funniest/worst kitchen disaster! Well my first would be when I was asked to fix rice... and I put in the entire box of rice and a cup of water... >.>
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